On Tap

Averted Pale Ale

A classic american pale ale.  Pale malt leads the charge, with a just a bit of crystal malt to give it a gentle orange color and an ever so slight sweetness.  Apollo and cascade hops provide the assertive hop flavor, with a late addition combination to provide noticeable grapefruit character.   A very hoppy pale ale that offers a smooth, round bitter finish that doesn’t overwhelm. Crisis Averted.

OG-1.052   SRM-6.7   IBU-34   ABV-5.3%


Identity IPA

Our defining IPA.  2-row pale malt, supported by  dark caramel and Vienna malts, make this an incredibly drinkable IPA for those who think that IBUs have gotten out of hand.  With Nugget, Citra and Mosaic hops, it is a very aromatic IPA with hints of citrus and tropical fruit. A true American IPA!

OG-1.067 SRM-10.2 IBU-69 ABV-7.1%


Existential DIPA (Double IPA)

A couple of these and you will be contemplating your existence.  Huge 2-row pale malt bill, with caramel malt and cara-pils added for color and body.   The addition of corn sugar drys out the beer and pushes the ABV up a notch.  Tons of Columbus, Simcoe and Centennial hops.   Highly bittered beer for the true hop lover. This ones a big boy!

OG-1.092   SRM-8   IBU-119   ABV-9.3%


Bolands IRA (Irish Red Ale)

This pays tribute our family name and heritage.   2-row pale malt backbone with Maris Otter added to provide rounder malt characteristics.  Chocolate malt and roasted barley provide the roasted flavor and distinct color, with a great balance between the caramel sweetness and  the grainy roasted flavors. A low flocculating yeast provides additional body to the beer. Lightly hopped with Willamette and East Kent Goldings.  A very approachable ale.

OG-1.53   SRM-13.5   IBU-13.5   ABV-5.1%


Major Milk Stout

This is the kind of stout that will make you like stouts!  Maris Otter, Caramel and Chocolate malts complemented with oats and roasted barley.   Non-fermentable lactose sugar added to make it smooth and milky. Along with high mash temperature, the yeast leaves a light, residual sweetness to provide body for this crisp dark stout.  EKG hops add just a touch of bitterness to provide a clean finish. A low alcohol, sessionable stout.

OG-1.060   SRM-31   IBU-33   ABV-4.8%


Fayzed 2 NE IPA

A modified version of the Fayzed recipe, with even more hops than the original.  Pushing more than 3 lb of hops per barrel, this one has a huge aroma of sweet floral and tropical notes.  The Simcoe hops are balanced carefully not to overwhelm the tangerine citrus of the Mandarina Bavaria hops.  Loaded up heavy in the whirpool, the hops character is well pronounced without pushing the bitterness of a typical IPA.  It’s a beautiful light yellow haze topped with a bright white head of foam. A lower attenuating ale yeast, along with the added wheat and oats provide the smooth, creamy mouthfeel that defines the style.

OG-1.072   SRM-4.5   IBU-50   ABV-6.9%


Cool Whit Belgian Style Wit

Lemme have some of that cool whit Brian.  A thirst quenching summer beer if there ever was one!  It offers a light, tart flavor with a crisp finish. Made almost following the traditional style of 50% wheat in the grist.  Malted white wheat was used instead with bitter orange peel and coriander. The clove character from the yeast is present, yet subtle.  A small oat addition helps with creamy mouthfeel and the belgian yeast provides a light spiciness.. Traditionally dubbed a white beer due to the milky glow from the suspended yeast and wheat proteins.

OG-1.051   SRM-3.4   IBU-15   ABV-5.6%


O Face Cream Ale

Light, refreshing and easy drinking ale.  Crafted from pilsner malt and saaz hops, the beer is brewed to introduce craft beer to everyone.  Combining lager and ale yeasts and fermenting at a lower temperature gives this ale a very light body with a crisp finish.  A bit of corn adds a touch more character than the typical american lager.

OG-1.051   SRM-3.1   IBU-18.5   ABV-5.2%


Brut Force IPA

West coast responds to the hazy NE IPA, punching above its weight.   A very light, very dry, highly carbonated IPA. Adding an amylase enzyme during the mash facilitates complete conversion of sugars, resulting in a very high ABV for such a low starting gravity.  Loral and Ekuanot hops were combined to produce more of a floral IPA with lots of herbal and earthy characteristics. There are subtle traces of fruity flavors that help to elevate the aromatic character of the former and mingle with the esters present in the beer from a higher fermentation temperature.

OG-1.051    SRM-2.9     IBU-26     ABV-7.1%