About Us

What’s Up With the Name?

Crisis is named lovingly after Sean’s midlife crisis.  After some extended soul-searching, we decided to turn his industrial experience and decade-long homebrewing passion into a real-life craft brewing business. We didn’t build Crisis to make a killing:  you won’t see us striving for world domination through the widest possible distribution. We built Crisis for the love of the craft and for the local community.

We acknowledge this isn’t really a crisis, but real ones do exist. We chose two local and one global group to support.  These groups work hard to make the world a better place, so we’ve committed a percentage of our profits to:

The Single Parent Scholarship Fund

The Peace at Home Family Shelter

Women for Women International

We are a place to meet with friends.  A place to share a conversation and a good laugh over a pint of the highest quality beer we can craft for you.

We hope you enjoy our crisis!     -Liz and Sean